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Bring a Life of Valor Men's Event to your city. Discover the three step process to bring this: action packed, fast paced, in your face, inspiritual men's event to your city. We will encourage, challenge and inspire the men in your city to live a live of valor. Men and boys (10 and up) will learn the secrets of living by a code.

Navy Seals are elite, special operation soldiers that conduct unconventional covert warfare. They are set apart because they live their lives by that Navy SEAL’s Ethos that defines their mission. Before getting a trident, before training and even before Hell Week, they must learn the code. It’s their ethos, their shoreline and their hope for getting home. And everyone wants to get back home. Sadly, today many men don’t know their code and end up drifting wherever the wind blows them. They have become lost in the sea of gender confusion and can’t find their way back. Their lives are lived without direction or purpose. It’s time to help men find their way home.


This unique men’s event leverages the skills and training of Navy SEALs and their code to help men understand how everyman is in an ongoing epic battle. How everyman has been given a code, God’s word, to live by. How everyman can be an overcomer and everyman can live a Life of Valor!  


Join us as we engage an extraordinary group of Navy SEALS that have chosen to be set apart in a different way as followers of Jesus Christ. These SEALS will speak about the timeless biblical principles that will help all men step into the life God has for them. You will also experience extreme worship with an edge from great Christian Rock Bands as well as laugh and be challenged by Christian comedians.

Our Method: 

We have created a simple 3-2-1 strategy to go to any city in the world to host a LOV Men’s Event:


We will need hundreds of churches to ensure a successful conference. We need hundreds of volunteers on the following teams:


- Delta Force Teams are ambassadors that communicate to 10 or more churches in their area.

- Platoon Leaders are Men’s Ministry Leaders in their local churches to rally the troops.

- Event Volunteers are mostly women that help during the event to allow the men engaged in the program and ensure that our event is successful at accomplishing our mission.

We need hundreds of prayer warriors to ensure Spiritual impact. This is our Air Support Team. We add prayer requests to our monthly newsletters and occasionally send emails with special requests.

We need to raise $100K in each city to ensure we establish a sustainable annual men's event and year-round ministry. This is our Alpha Team men or women that give $1,000 or more annually to Life of Valor.

If you are interested in hosting a Life of Valor Men's Event contact Dr. Jim Copeland at Jim@lifeof or (720) 600-2026.





Interested in Jeff speaking at your event?

Contact: Vonnie McIntyre

(619) 770-0028

Interested in hosting a Men's Event in your city?

Contact: Dr. Jim Copeland

(404) 618-2567

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