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Warrior Weekend

Drive like a SEAL – We teach tactical and defensive driving by professional instructors who are US Navy SEALs. After adequate classroom training, attendees learn how to perform several technical vehicle maneuvers that are only seen in movies or performed by professional drivers.

Shoot like a SEAL - Simply, a fun day on the shooting range getting safety tips and shooting with former SEALs.

Skydive like a SEAL – The apex of the Warrior Weekend has the attendees’ tandem skydiving with a US Navy SEAL. Several of these are the same SEAL skydivers who performed in the movie Act of Valor. Attendees are trained on the ground, then fly to 13,000 feet and exit the aircraft, free-falling for nearly a minute. At 5,000 feet the instructors deploy the parachute and safely guide attendees to the ground.

If you are interested in participating in our next Warrior Weekend contact Vonnie at or call (619) 770-0028.

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