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"Wally" Gary Wallace

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Radio Host, Professor & Speaker

The benchmark of Wally’s almost 22 year radio career has been his ability to adapt and be successful in a variety of formats.  Wally started his radio career doing sports, at 540 the Team in Orlando, despite the fact he is not a “sports” guy.  Following his success at 540, he was given an afternoon show on the alternative rock station, WJRR.  Wally’s antics created both local and national press with media outlets like MTV covering his stunts. Wally was then courted by The Walt Disney Company to bring his talents and slant to the launch of their new product, Radio Disney, something that would ultimately prepare him for his later move to Christian radio.


Wally’s next wove was to 99X in Atlanta.  After three years of this aggressive alternative rock show, the content no longer matched his heart and was in direct conflict with what his faith. That led him to seek out a position in Christian radio and he was hired by WAYFM. The Wally show gained in popularity, for its humor and real approach to life and faith, making it one of the top performing shows in Christian radio.


Believe it or not Wally is actually educated.  He graduated with honors from the University of Central Florida in 1993, and went on to receive Masters degree in Leadership from Grand Canyon University in 2012, graduating with a 4.0 GPA.  In addition to radio, Wally is now teaching at Colorado Christian University, and Lipscomb University.


Next to his World’s Greatest Dad Mug, Wally has a couple other awards on his mantel.  He was named Billboard’s Modern Rock Jock of the year, is an Echo Award winner for Large Market Air Personality of the Year, and was nominated for the Rob Gregory service award.

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